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Matera Environmental Resource Recovery Facility – Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

1. Waste Acceptance: The Facility user is to ensure no traces of prohibited items are contained in any load brought onto our Waste Facility site
located at 313 Abercrombie Road, Postans and that no prohibited waste items are unloaded, tipped or spilled onto this site. Matera
Environmental – Resource Waste Facility does not accept any asbestos, traces of asbestos, liquid waste, medical or sanitary waste, food waste, hazardous
chemicals and any toxic substances as stipulated on our Website: http://www.materaenvironmental.com.au

2. Decontamination Cost: The Facility User is responsible for ensuring no contamination of land, groundwater or air takes place and is liable for
all clean up, decontamination costs and charges associated with the removal of prohibited items that have entered the site knowingly or
unknowingly to comply with the Health Act and Contaminated Sites Act.

3. Waste Materials: Matera Environmental shall acquire title to the customer waste materials when they are accepted at our site and offloaded in
accordance with our terms and conditions.

4. The depositor: The depositor of waste materials to which these terms and conditions relate is not the customer, the depositor warrants
that he is authorised to contract with Matera Environmental on behalf of the customer/facility user who hold a current account with Matera Environmental.

5. Waste Source: The Facility User is responsible for knowing and providing details regarding the source location of waste material being bought
onto site for recycling / processing and the types, quantities and state of all waste material collected for disposal.

6. The Waste User: The Waste Facility User releases Matera Environmental and its employees from liability for all loss or damage what so ever arising
(including loss or damage from death, bodily injury or damage to property) in respect of or resulting from Customer’s use of our site)
or any negligent acts or omissions of Matera Environmental, its employees or subcontractors in the operation of Matera Environmental Resource Waste Recovery Facility.