How Much Does It Actually Cost To Hire A Skip Bin?

August 24, 2020

Has all that rubbish piling up around your house finally pushed you to your breaking point? The thought of hiring a skip bin for waste disposal may not be something that everyone considers when looking at how to deal with the problem. Many people have this idea in their minds that hiring a skip bin is simply too much effort or out of their budget. The reality is, depending on the amount of waste you have to dispose of, these skip bins can actually be cheaper than hiring a trailer and dealing with the problem yourself. This article will help break down how much it costs to hire a skip bin in Perth, leaving you with a more educated perspective on which bin is best for your needs and wallet.

Different Sized Skip Bins for Hire

Here at Matera Environmental, we have a selection of different sized skip bins suitable for different purposes and amounts of waste. Let’s look at an example to work out how much a skip bin costs for your circumstances.

Suppose you live in Myaree, and you’re looking at doing a big spring clean. You’ve worked out you have about 3m3 of rubbish to dispose of (equivalent to about 13 wheelie bins worth), Hiring our 3 cubic meter bin would be perfect for your needs.

3 Cubic Meter Bin – Short Term

– It will cost you $220 to hire this skip bin for 1 week. This price includes both the drop off and pick up fees as well.

Now let’s suppose that you’re undertaking a bigger job, whereby you have about 5 trailer loads of rubbish to get rid of. In this case our 5m3 skip bin will be more suitable. 

5 Cubic Meter Bin – Short Term

– It will cost you $350 to hire this skip bin for 1 week. This price includes both the drop off and pick up fees as well. 

I Need The Skip Bin For Longer Than A Week!

What happens if you are under pressure and need more than 7 days to fill your skip bin? Matera Environmental also offers long term rental options, these prices will depend on the length of time you require your skip bin for, with there being an additional $30 per week charge for the rental.

So if you need that 3 Cubic Meter Bin for 2 weeks, it will cost you $250 now.

Extras you need to watch out for

Skip bins are designed to take a wide variety of different rubbish, but there are certain items which will be additional costs to your bill. For example mattresses are an extra $25 each, car batteries are $50, and gas bottles are $30. If you do have any of these specialty items, make sure to tick them in our checkout section when hiring our skip bins. This will help you to avoid any fines later on.

Where can I hire a skip bin from? – Matera Environmental 

All of our advertised costs are our actual costs, so you don’t need to worry about any extra little details in the fine print costing you a fortune. Contact the residential waste disposal experts at Matera Environmental to help with any further questions you may have. Alternatively you can use our helpful ‘Hire a Skip Bin’ tool to find what bins are available in your suburb and for what price.