Is Hiring a Skip Bin Actually Cheaper Than Hiring a Trailer?

August 05, 2020

To many people, choosing the DIY option is undoubtedly seen as the cheaper option. However, when it comes to residential waste management and disposing of all of those unnecessary items from your home, the pricing may not be as exactly as you think. No one likes the look of waste building up at home, and we understand that you want the cheapest option to get rid of this rubbish from your property. This article aims to address if hiring a skip bin is cheaper than hiring a trailer.

4 Questions To Ask Yourself 

1. Exactly how much waste do you have? 

If you only have a small amount of rubbish, then one trip to the tip with a trailer may be appropriate to dispose of the waste. 

2. How much time do you have for your residential waste disposal?

Loading the trailer, driving to the tip, disposing of the waste, and then returning home can all add up, particularly if you have multiple trips to make.

3. What type of waste do you have? 

Some materials may be easy to dispose of, though dealing with heavy waste can be difficult to deal with on your own.

4. What are the tip fees?

Heading to the tip will also require you to pay a tip fee for every load that you bring in. For WA, the fees vary based on how much you have to dispose of, but disposing of 1.0m3 of waste could cost you $50. You also have to pay a $25 entry fee if you aren’t a member of the council. 

Breaking Down The Costs Of Hiring A Skip Bin Vs. Hiring A Trailer


     Assuming you don’t have a trailer in the first place, the hiring fee of a trailer is the first cost you have to deal with. It may cost you around $50 for a daily fee for a small trailer.

     If you can carry 1m3 in each trailer load, you’ll have to pay around $225 in tip fees.

     Factoring in the time taken and fuel needed for these trips, depending on where you live, this whole process will end up costing you around $300.

     Now if you were to hire a 3m3 skip bin in Fremantle from Matera Environmental, this would cost you around $220 depending on your location*.

In this specific example, it would actually be cheaper to hire a skip bin than to hire a trailer and dispose of the waste yourself. 

Matera Environmental aims to be as up front about the pricing of our skip bin hire as possible. We outline the exact differences between our skip loads and the equivalent in trailer loads on our pricing page. You can also use our helpful ‘Select Your Suburb’ tool to find out the prices of different skip sizes near you.