The Do’s And Don’ts Of Commercial Skip Bin Hire

August 16, 2020

Having to hire a skip bin is not necessarily a daily occurrence for a lot of people. Understanding how to properly utilise a skip bin and what you need to know about hiring one is an important part of the process. Right from the onset, the first thing that you should do is ensure you’re enlisting the help of a waste disposal company that is transparent and provides up front quotes. The prices that you see on the Matera Environmental website are ones that you pay. No hidden fees here. This article will help to explain some of the other do’s and don’ts of commercial skip bin hire. 

Select The Perfect Bin

Once you’ve decided on who you’re hiring your bin from, your attention can be shifted to choosing the correct skip bin to suit your needs. Have a look at our pricing and sizes page on our website to see which size skip will cater for your amount of waste. It is recommended that you have piled your rubbish up in suitable piles prior to ordering, as you’ll be able to see the skip size that’s most suitable for you in the process.

These rates will obviously go up depending on the square meterage that you require. If you’re unsure of the size you need, it’s generally better to overestimate the amount as you don’t want to be in the position where you have an overflowing bin. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the smaller one just because it is cheaper. It’ll end up costing you more money in the long run.

One of the most common questions that people have when hiring a bin for the first time is what can you put in it?

What Can Go In A Skip Bin?

No matter if you are doing a house renovation, large commercial construction job, or own a mechanical workshop, you’re going to have all sorts of materials to dispose of. Although people generally think that they can toss all sorts of waste into commercial skip bins, there are still restrictions on what you can throw out.


You can put sand, rubble, bricks, timber, steel, furniture, plastics, paper and green waste into Matera Environmental skip bins.


Liquid waste, food waste and Hardie products are not permitted in our skip bins. Other items such as batteries, motor vehicle tyres and asbestos will all incur an additional charge to be disposed of.

Pack Your Waste Effectively

One of the main problems that we see with skip bin hires is that people do not utilise the space of the bin effectively, resulting in less space to put other rubbish in. This is also the main reason why bins overflow or are overfilled, which is something you want to avoid at all costs. Placing flat objects such as old timber and metal in the bin first can help to lay a solid foundation for the rest of the items. If you can break down cardboard or other similar materials you should always do so.

After this you can place other bulkier items, and always ensure you break down the very large items into more manageable pieces. From here, the lightweight items can easily be disposed of on top of the other waste. It’s also very important to ensure you’re distributing the weight equally as you’re packing your waste in.

If you require any further information on commercial skip bin hire, please get in contact with one of the waste disposal specialists at Matera Environmental. We can help walk you through the process and make sure you are using your skip bin in an appropriate manner.