Indigenous Engagement

Nyungar Welcome

Ngulluk djininoong kura kura yeye dat njyin nitja, ngulluk njyiny ngulla boodja, ngulluk djurapiny ngulla burdiyias ngulluk kooriliny Kura kura, yeye, burda burda Nyungar/ Wadjella koorl burda djininoong ni wanginy nitja ngulla boodja.

English Translation

We respectfully acknowledge the past and present traditional owners of the Nyungar people, on whose land we stand and pay our respects to who were the first custodians of this land. Together we acknowledge the contributions of Aboriginal Australians and non-Aboriginal Australians to this country. We all live in and share together – Western Australia.

As the Director and Business Development Manager of Matera Environmental, Mitchell Matera is a proud Nyungar man. Having grown up in Gnaala Karla Booja country, Mitchell is committed towards providing equal opportunity for all employees and promoting affirmative action programs designed to address past and present inequities.

As a Supply Nation registered Aboriginal Waste Management company, we’re committed to giving back to the Indigenous community through providing access to meaningful career opportunities and ensuring that equality is distributed across the community.

We’re in a unique position to bridge the gap with the Aboriginal community and tackle Indigenous issues within Australia.

At Matera, we make it our goal to empower the Aboriginal community to succeed.

“Our vision is to become the benchmark in Aboriginal Engagement and Development”