Matera Environmental is committed to ensuring utmost customer satisfaction and safety of every staff member, client, and the environment.

To achieve this goal, we maintain and adhere to strict policies covering every aspect of customer service and the environment.  We also follow strict guidelines set by the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Department of Australia.

Customer Service Standards You Can Expect From Us:


We will commit to the following standards of service


  • Respond to telephone messages on the day of receipt
  • Respond to general correspondence and facsimiles within (1) working day of receipt
  • Respond to emails within (24) hours

Vehicles and Staff

  • Matera Environmental will provide a replacement vehicle if a breakdown occurs, so not to interrupt production levels and maintain contract obligations with clients
  • Matera Environmental will ensure all operators are licensed appropriately
  • Matera Environmental will ensure that all staff undertake a safety induction before they work on site

Customer Service Complaints Register

A Customer Service Complaints register will be maintained by Matera Environmental to enable clients to provide feedback on quality of service provided by Matera Environmental.

Please email: reception@materaenvironmental.com.au


We are committed to protecting the health and safety of all personnel employed, as well as those visiting our organisation with utmost importance. Wherever we deem practical through risk management, we will eliminate or reduce any working conditions that may cause illness or injury.  Matera Environmental’s aim is to achieve an incident free organisation by making sure Occupational Health and Safety is our top priority.

Our Commitment

  • Provide employees with effective training in OHSE
  • Encourage employees to achieve a safe workplace and to consider the Health and Safety of all fellow workers
  • Encourage employees to clearly identify risks, and where appropriate to eliminate or control them
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees
  • Provide all safety and protective equipment for all working conditions
  • Ensure that safety inspections/audits are conducted regularly, and promptly act on matters needing attention
  • Ensure that appropriate first aid and injury facilities are available for all injuries
  • Ensure that resources are made available to comply with relevant acts and regulations
  • Promptly investigate all accidents/incidents and take action when needed

Environmental Policy

Our commitment is towards: 

  • Promoting the efficient use of energy, reduction of environmental degradation and recycling of materials in our activities
  • Maintaining all mobile plant equipment in an optimal state and replace equipment at regular intervals, ensuring best practice with respect to operator ergonomics, noise, emissions and fuel consumption
  • Maintaining environmental management systems which recognise standards including IOS 14001
  • Assessing environmental risks and implement risk management programs to continually improve our systems and procedures
  • Reporting regularly on environmental performance and take action where needed
  • Periodically reviewing this policy and environmental management system