Residential Skip Bins

Doing an annual clear out?  Been collecting junk for years and it’s gotten to the point where it’s all gotta go?  Moving house and want to lose some baggage?  Whatever the reason, Matera Environmental has a residential waste removal option right for you.  We’ve got residential skip bins to suit any cleanup and great pricing on residential rubbish removal.

We can help with any and all rubbish removal, no need for calling in the clan or trying to organise your whole mob to come help. Don’t stress about organising a trailer and doing seventeen tip runs- make a single phone call and let’s get it done.

Residential Skip Bins for hire Perth

Our promise to you

Garage clear out, backyard remodelling or just a deep clean, Matera has the domestic skip bin hire options you need, along with an easy 7-day hire period to give you plenty of time to get the job done, stress-free.

While we’ll do our very best to get you a bin on the same day, we can’t always promise this. What we can guarantee though, is a next-day delivery of a skip-bin at an extremely competitive rate.

Matera Environmental has a commitment to being environmentally responsible and eco-friendly. Part of that means doing our best to recycle everything that we can and responsibly disposing what we can’t.

Here’s what you can and can’t put in your bin

Due to our environmental obligations, below is a list of what Matera Environmental can and
cannot accept in our bins:










Green Waste
Green waste must be the last item added to your bin.

Batteries Batteries will incur an extra charge. Please leave next to your bin.

Motor Vehicle Tyres Tyres will incur an extra charge. Tyres must be the last item added to your bin.

Liquid Waste

Food Waste

Asbestos Asbestos discovered in our bins will incur a seperate charge subject to our Terms and Conditions

Hardie Products

Get rid of domestic clutter

The right time to deal with household garbage is now!

Get rid of your domestic garbage with a Matera Environmental skip bin, and breathe easier with less clutter.

Something to remember when hiring a bin, is that legally they must be covered by tarp to prevent accidents during transportation.

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We’re here to help

We always ask not to overfill the bins and pack it all down tight so nothing is overflowing.  If we can’t get the cover on, you’ll need to remove some of the waste and deal with it separately, or we can charge you extra to bring in another bin.

If you’re not quite certain what size bin you’re going to need, we always recommend overestimating rather than under.  Our bin pricing is some of the best skip bin hire pricing available in Perth, and the difference between bin sizes isn’t as much as what it’ll cost if it doesn’t all fit.

We’ve put together a great guide to help you choose the right skip bin, including equivalent trailer and wheelie bin loads.  If this is the first time you’ve ordered a skip, we’re sure that you’ll find it helpful and if you’re still not sure, give us a call.